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5 Things To Keep in Mind When Selling And Buying A Home At The Same Time

by Tayo Adeseye

5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Sale

by Tayo Adeseye
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5 Things To Keep in Mind When Selling And Buying A Home At The Same Time

Most homeowners looking to buy another primary home, need to sell their current home to get the cash required to purchase the new house. It would be more ideal to buy the new home and then deal with selling the current one after you’re all settled in, but some people don’t have that choice.

5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Here are some affordable things you can do to increase the value of your home, before listing it for sale. Clear Out Clutter Buyers like to picture themselves in a home during the initial showing. If the home is clean with very little or no personal items in plain sight, it is much easier for […]

iBuyer- 5 Things You Should Know About Instant Home Offers

Will Open Door, Zillow, Offer Pad and Knock take over the Real Estate industry? These companies are offering cash for your home- when you tell them about your house and send them pictures of the house. When I found out Zillow was entering the iBuyer market; I thought to myself is Zillow is going to […]

5 Reasons You Want To Get Pre-Approved

The very first step on the to-do list when thinking of purchasing a home is getting a mortgage Pre-approval. Please keep in mind that there is a difference between a mortgage “Pre-qualification” and “Pre-Approval.” Prequalification- the lender pulled your credit but did not verify the information on your application. A Pre-approval means the lender pulled […]

5 Different Ways To Purchase a Home With Little Or No Money Down

Many people believe buying a home is a dream that is far from reach either because they have no money or not enough saved. I am here to tell you that; only your credit history and score should delay your Dream of Homeownership. It’s easier to get a mortgage if your credit is good, but […]