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Moving To Delaware- 10 Reasons You Should

Moving To Delaware- 10 Reasons You Should
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Moving To Delaware – 10 Reasons To Live In Delaware

Delaware is a beautiful state and the first state that started this wonderful country we call America. That’s why Delaware is called and nicknamed the first state. When moving to Delaware  you’ll want to know a little more about the historic state. Here is the ultimate guide when moving to Delaware.  It is noteworthy to mention that Delaware ranks in the top 5 states with the fastest internet speed. 

Moving To Delaware Quick Stats
Here’s a look at some semi-boring stats about Delaware;  

  • Population: 973,000+ (2019 estimate)  
  • Unemployment rate: 3.9% as of February 2020
  • Median Price for a Single Family House: 240,000  
  • Average Annual visitors: 8 million+  

I’m sure these quick facts aren’t enough to sway you into strongly considering moving to Delaware. So here’s all the info you need in detail.

Moving To Delaware

Why Delaware?  

1. It’s A Job Seeker’s Haven

Moving To DelawareDelaware has more corporations than people and currently sits as a corporate haven for investors. To put things in perspective, there are about 1 million corporations registered in the state of Delaware.

According to Glassdoor, there are currently 17,373 job openings in Delaware; if that doesn’t seem like a lot, keep in mind that a lot of people who live in Delaware are retired.

With a lower poverty rate than the national average, re-assured you living in Delaware won’t put a hole in your pocket. Delaware also has a relatively high-income median for its residents at about $60,000; that along with a low unemployment rate of 3.9% makes this state a great place to find a job.  

The economy and housing market in Delaware are booming, so pack up your bags and get moving. Delaware’s got your dream job waiting for you!  

2. Living In Delaware Is Very affordable

There’s no sales tax in Delaware and there are tax-exemption in place for businesses and senior citizens. Compared to the surrounding states and most states on the east coast Delaware living is modest. People travel to Delaware just to get things at a bargain.

3. Delaware Schools

If you’re considering moving to Delaware, the schools your kid(s), or future kid(s) will attend will likely be top of mind.

For elementary, middle, and high schools you can check several sources like Schooldigger to determine which school meets you and your family’s goals for your child/children. Appoquinimink School District tends to be the most popularly recognized school district in Delaware although it is not always the highest-ranked. Brandywine School district and Red Clay Consolidated School District are also among the highly ranked School districts in Delaware. For reviews, rankings, and ratings of Delaware schools, check out GreatSchools.org.

A search for further education is one of the primary reasons people decide to relocate to another state. If that’s the reason why you intend on moving, know that Delaware has top-notch higher education institutions.  

Here’s a list of some universities and colleges in Delaware.  


  • Delaware College of Art and Design  
  • Goldey-Beacom College  
  • Wesley College  
  • Delaware Technical & Community College 


  • University of Delaware  
  • Delaware State University  
  • Widener University School of Law  
  • Wilmington University  

I’m confident that one of these higher education institutions will fulfill your academic passion. Who knows?! You could be tempted to pursue your career in Delaware after graduating!  

4. Nature In Delaware
If you’ve been harboring a vision to set up a farm, then Delaware’s got the resources and manpower to get your dream up and running.  

If you’re thinking about moving to an area enmeshed in nature’s beauty, I don’t think there’s anything better than what you’ll get in Delaware.

When you go through all three counties in the “First State,” as Delaware is fondly called, there’s no shortage of vegetation. Even in the more urban New Castle County, you’ll still get to see a lot of natural scenic areas.  

But if you want to be in a more rural area, then Kent and Sussex County is the place to live you best nature-themed life. Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge has over 15,000 acres of nature and wildlife on the eastern coast of Kent County. Even driving on Route 9’s Bayside is a stunning sight to see. 

5. Nice Free Beaches
Affordably living by the beach can be the sole reason or at least a big part of a moving decision. 

There’s a lot of Atlantic coast bordering the state of Delaware. And many of these coastal areas hold the best beaches on the East Coast.  

You could easily unwind at Rehoboth Beach, or choose to bathe in the sand and sun at Bethany Beach. If you don’t fancy these two beaches, then there’s Dewey and Lewes beach you’re sure to love.  

So if you’re looking to romanticize your living with frequent time-outs by the Atlantic coast, then Delaware is the spot for you.  

6. Delaware Culture And People
The entire state was once home to Native Americans. These individuals have left a permanent footprint, and there are still sites where Nanticoke tradition and culture are in full display.

Nanticoke people still live mainly in Sussex County and keep their ancestral culture and tradition alive.  

It’s etched in history that the Nanticoke and other American Indian tribes migrated from the state after the Europeans moved into the area. There’re tons of historical and cultural sites all around the state. If you’re a culture and history enthusiast, Delaware’s the spot for you. 

Delawareans are generally very friendly people, I’m sure the small-town feel of the state plays a big part in that. 

7. Sports/Recreation 
Sportspeople tend to move closer to the action rather than away from it. If you’re a lover of sports, then know that Delaware’s got sporting events in and around the state.

If you’ve got a need for speed, then moving to Delaware will put you in close contact with NASCAR at the Dover International Speedway. Also, for the record, Delaware has the only combined horse and car racing structure in the U.S. at the Dover Downs/Dover International Speedway.  

There’s also a huge presence of college sports, with the University of Delaware football and basketball teams. You could also get cycling all through the state, as it’s the state’s official sport.  

8. Delaware Weather

Delaware has all 4 seasons, which means you’ll get the best of all weather worlds. Spring and fall weather are typically very mild and beautiful. Winter typically feels like winter in Delaware, the average temperature in the winter is around 34 degrees. It can get very cold in the winter months, but it snows. Delaware Weather

Summer in Delaware is your typical summer with an average temperature of around 80 degrees.

If you want to experience the four seasons while living comfortably, Delaware is definitely the place to be.

9. Restaurants In Delaware
Although, the 2nd smallest state in the United States, it has some excellent restaurants. There are plenty of l
ocal diners, Bistros, country clubs, grills, bars, food on a beach stroll. This small wonder of a state is pack filled with flavor. Click on the links to learn more

Stunning Restaurants


Unique Restaurants


Upper Echelon Restaurants


Little Bit Of This & That


10. Only a short drive from Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, MD, and New York.  

Moving To Delaware

When people first hear about Delaware, they usually think “Dela-Where”? 
Moving to Delaware can be an excellent decision, not just because of its rich history, low cost of living, tax-free shopping, beautiful beaches, easy access to different parts of the country but because of the quality of life you can build and maintain here, for you and your family!


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